3rd Annual Great Lakes
Deaf Dogs Play Day!

Talking to People

Jennifer & Marlee's mom

Jennifer talking to Marlee's mom (darn it, didn't get her name), with Nancy's sister, Nancy, and Patti there too. Gwydion and Marlee are closer to the ground.


This lady in the pink hat is thinking about adopting a deaf dog. She saw the notice about the picnic in the paper and decided to come visit. She's talking to Jennifer (who's putting her hands in her pocket, did we mention it was COLD that day?), and Marlee is playing with a new friend between them.

people talking

Nancy is surrounded by dogs (Glenys, Blizzard, and Gwydion), Jennifer is still talking to the visitor, and that's Marlee's mom petting her. I think Mintaka is in there too, and Gwen is off in the background.

more people talking

Nancy and her sister, with Blizzard, and Judy and Cammy (the Golden Retriever from Gwydion's training class). Looks like Mintaka is behind them, and maybe Penny, but I'm not sure who else.

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