3rd Annual Great Lakes Deaf Dogs Play Day!

3rd Annual Great Lakes
Deaf Dogs Play Day!

Chicken Cake - 3rd Great Lakes

Banana Cake - Deaf Dogs Play Day

The puppy cakes! The top one is chicken flavored, from DragonBear Dog Treats - Special Recipes (Celebration Cake, but with chicken baby food instead of beef, and dried carrots instead of beef jerky). The second (round) one is banana. This recipe came from "Three Dog Bakery Cookbook" by Dan Dye & Mark Beckloff (page 76). Both were frosted with light cream cheese thinned with yogurt. Puppers seemed to like them!

group pic

group pic

group pic

And here is everyone (mostly :-) Let's see, left to right is Penny, Mintaka, Melissa & Skye (and Melissa's other 2 hearing pups are in there too). Then Nancy with Blizzard, and Jennifer with Gwen & Gwydion. Ida is holding Casper (hearing) & Mango. Then we have Patti with Dottie, and Dave with Sydney (hearing, fooled you, didn't he?)

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